Share Your Edgar M. Bronfman Story

Hillel International joins the global Jewish community in mourning the passing of Edgar M. Bronfman, a guiding force and visionary Jewish leader, who was fundamental in molding the modern Hillel movement.

Hillel is encapsulated by individual stories of programs and trips, benefactors and staff, old friends and new—many of which connect back to Mr. Bronfman.

Eric Fingerhut, our President and CEO, remembered Mr. Bronfman's kindness. "I haven't told anybody this but at our last meeting, I just finished my first 100 days, and I was reflecting on it with him and we were talking about Hillel issues and he just stopped and said, 'How's your family doing? How's your wife? How's your kids?' He was so interested personally in me and wanted to make sure this transition was working for them."

How do you remember Mr. Bronfman? Whether it was his kindness, his generosity or his leadership, we would like to hear your story of how Mr. Bronfman impacted you.

Edgar M. Bronfman

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